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Aquatic Larvae Culture Made EASY​

Have you ever felt happy that your broodstocks start to produced millions of healthy fertilised eggs. However, your first feed are not ready (etc; unhatched artemia, lock down due to Covid-19 and low numbers of rotifer) realising it will all go down the drain.

Let us provide you with the solution. FSfeed  is the key for your larvae first feeding. It helps to improve the survival and overall performance of your fish larvae. Delivery of the best feed for larvae.


   Fish Larvae 

Specially design for the first feeding of your fish larvae, suitable for fresh and seawater. Provides optimum nutrients for fish larvae needs. Acceptable by Carps, Catfish and Seabass.  

Comes in three different sizes:

  • 150 microns 

  • 250 microns

  • 500 microns

   Shrimp Larvae 

As early as Zoea 3, the shrimp larvae are ready to be feed by FSfeed . Can be used with or without artemia. Suitable for White Shrimp, Black Tiger Shrimp and  Giant Freshwater Prawn.

Three different sizes:

  • 150 microns 

  • 250 microns

  • 500 micronn



Hobbyist and ornamental breeder can now breed and maintain broodstock at ease using the FS Feed  Ornamental. 150 micron and 250 micron were formulated for early feeding of ornamental fish larvae. While 500 micron were formulated for broodstocks gonad development.

Suitable for:

  • Betta, Medaka, Zebrafish, Guppy, Tetra and Clown fish.


Our Advantages

First Feeding

The FS Feed is formulated for the first feeding of various fish larvae. High in energy and protein for optimum growth performance and survival rate.


FS Feed Performance 

Comparison was made to replace Artemia with FS Feed in White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) in shrimp culture system. Started at Zoea 3 until it reach PL 16. About 15% of increment were observed. Benefits of using FS Feed.



Just ask and we will deliver it. Our feed are available all year round. Ready for fish hatchery users. 

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